Roommate Wanted: Some Restrictions May Apply

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 21, 2010

    You can always count on Craigslist for bringing on the crazies. Read this guy's ad for a new roommate. If you think this is a normal person, you haven't read far enough yet...-


    I have a bedroom (12 x 14ft) available starting on June 1st (1 year lease) for a male or female roommate. My previous roommate just moved out since his work (for the federal government) took him to another city. We'll be sharing a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The apartment is spacious and well lit by natural light.

    A little about myself:

    I work at the Department of Defense as a researcher and I'm also pursuing a Master's Degree at Georgetown. I really enjoy reading, hiking, playing kickball with my friends, and drinking good beer :) I go out a lot on the weekends but once in a while I stay home and just watch a movie. If you're interested please contact me by email and tell me a little about yourself.

    One more thing, please read this so we don't waste each others' time! On our bathroom door is a checklist. I like to keep a record of my bowel movements and I expect you to do the same. It's a just a simple checklist with each day of the month, simply place a check on the day if you have a bowel movement. It's no big deal and you needn't worry about replacing the list, I'll take care of everything. Hope to hear from you!

    We love how this person lists all of these normal and even impressive qualities - Department of Defense researcher, Master's at Georgetown, athlete, likes to relax with a movie - and then adds "one more thing".

    Care to elaborate on why you need a record of your roommate's bowel movements? It's actually quite perplexing... do you have to be in sync with your roommate's cycle? Does it help you sleep better at night?

    To each his own, but good luck on your search for a roommate. You'll need it.