Cops Discover Nearly 1,000 Weed Plants In Grow House Bust

by Emily Green · May 18, 2010

    Last night in El Monte, CA, police landed on a goldmine of a grow house after a tipster called in with a lead on a home where they noticed some "suspicious activity." Upon entering the home, cops discovered a sticky green wonderland where a staggering 978 handsome weed plants were blossoming beautifully. That's a quarter-of-a-million dollars worth of bud.  We imagine the grow house crops were supporting a considerable slanging operation that has now come to a screeching halt as a result of last night's bust.  Two men seen leaving the home were arrested on suspicion of cultivating marijuana.

    A tip of the hat to these two individuals who were able to sustain this glorious weed farm.  This isn't like the three weed plants your friends in college were growing in their closet with their makeshift growlamp; this was a full-blown hydroponic farm with $5,000 electric bills. One of the men arrested told authorities they harvested an estimated 60 POUNDS of mary jane out of the grow house. ABC News reports "the confiscated marijuana will eventually be stored as evidence." Riiight... "eventually," meaning after it's all been smoked and the crime labs are done with their "tests."

    Go HERE to check out the news clip of the bust to see inside the grow house and cops gathering the weed forest for "evidence."

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