Microsoft VP Launches Money-Scented His & Hers Fragrance

by Emily Green · January 20, 2011

    Want to literally smell like money? Now you can, thanks to Microsoft's VP of Sales Patrick McCarthy, who has developed his idea of a dollah dollah billz-scented line of fragrances. We kid you not; it's real and you can buy Money with money online.


    Forget the fake Rolex and Louis bag because there's a new way you can try to impress upon the world you're in a higher tax bracket and think you're passing. Behold: His Money Cologne and Her Money Eau de Parfum, the line of scents designed to smell like fresh cash. This means that for just $35, you can give off the same aroma that it took the dancer at a strip joint to achieve after three Def Leppard songs. What a bargain.

    We haven't actually smelled Money yet but I honestly don't think that's necessary to know that it's terrible based on the concept alone. As a self-respecting female, a guy who wears, or even owns it (like went out and bought for himself, maybe not if it was a gift) would be reason enough to never date him.

    In case this isn't the worst idea you've heard so far this week, then check this out: each bottle of Money is packed in what is estimated to be $500 worth of shredded U.S. money.  Yup.

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