Mt. Olympus Man Sues Beyonce For "Hurt Feelings"

by Emily Green · June 2, 2010

    [photo via] A little over a month ago, Beyonce shot her video for "Why Don't You Love Me" at a house in the Mt. Olympus community, the unofficial enclave for L.A. Russians off of Laurel Canyon just north of Sunset Blvd.  The day was just like any other chaotic shoot in a residential area, but one disgruntled neighbor claims to have been seriously inconvenienced by the B's ass-shaking in stilettos production and is suing for $25k.


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    In fact, in his own words on the filing (thank you, TMZ!), Philip Markowitz gives a laundry list of grievances, saying he suffered "inconvenience, annoyance, ridicule, scorn, embarrassment, humiliation," and our personal favorite, "hurt feelings." Uh oh, somebody better call the waaambulance!

    Here's an abridged timeline of the day B's crew "invaded his neighborhood" with highlights from the list of the crew's offenses itemized by Markowitz in his filing. Enjoy:

    7 am: Markowitz is "awakened by his dog barking from crew in his driveway," when he would normally be asleep since "he keeps late hours."

    7:30 am: A neighbor calls him to ask him to move a car that isn't his. He can't get back to sleep.

    9 am: Markowitz tries to leave in his car, but has to wait for the film crew to move clutter blocking his driveway.

    9:20 am: He returns to the house and has to wait for the film crew to move equipment again.

    10:30 am: He leaves again in his car and an off-duty police officer has to direct him around obstructions.

    10:45 am: Markowitz returns, but has to "drive around the block several times before a path could be cleared for his entry to his home."

    11:30 am: He tries to leave again, is blocked again, and talks to the shoot's production coordinator. He "demand[s] compensation" and tells her "he had been able to receive upwards of $10,000 for the use of his property." She tells him it's "a 'student,' low budget film shoot" and that they can't pay him.

    Nearly 11 pm: Shoot ends.

    Crybaby Markowitz adds that he "missed several business calls while arguing calmly in his driveway." Calmly.

    We totally empathize with Markowitz and his frustration with the crew -- we've all been inconvenienced by shoots that disrupt our daily routine and it's sincerely bothersome and aggravating -- BUT that's what you sign up for when you decide to live in L.A.

    As for the hurt feelings, well, we can't say we've ever had our feelings hurt by a production crew but that sounds like something he should take up with his therapist, not his lawyer. And to sue for $25k over this nonsense? That's just gross.  Sell some of those lion statues in front of your home if you need some extra cash. Someone needs to move on and get a life...