Po-Po Blow... A .08?

by guestofaguest · June 23, 2010

    Well, well, well... it seems our LA County sheriffs have been washing down their donuts with some interesting beverage choices lately, and we don't mean coffee... unless it's Irish.  Yup, the very people intended uphold and enforce the law are big, fat violators of it and have been getting wasted WHILE ON DUTY!

    Since January, there have been 33 reported incidents of hitting the sauce on the job, ranging from drunk driving in what we'll now call their booze-er cruiser, to drunkenly evacuating people from a forest fire.  Yeah... It's that bad. So how are we going to fix this frat party shitshow?  Well don't worry, guys: Sheriff Lee Baca vows to dismiss deputies who pull their triggers while drunk. Doesn't that make you feel better now? Way to be proactive!

    For real though, the drunken staggering across that thin blue line needs to stop, or at least be put on hold until off the clock...

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