Which Flavor Of Stoner Soda Are You?

by Emily Green · January 24, 2011

    The next frontier of marijuana edibles? Soda. [A note to you transplants: you completely blow your cover if you call it "pop"]. Anyway, some dude in Santa Cruz with a supposed passion for marketing, not getting high, has set his sights on a line of THC-infused soft drinks called Canna Cola to be sold at our fine weed dispensaries. But the sodas aren't meant to get you totally baked, just give you a nice pleasant buzz, much like a "light beer" or wine spritzer as opposed to liquor.


    Although marijuana drinks similar to this already exist, Clay Butler feels they've faltered in their branding and his Canna Cola, modeled after the  giants of the virgin beverage market like Snapple, could be a big success. So which flavor of Canna Cola are you? The original? Doc Weed (like Dr. Pepper), Sour Diesel (lemon-lime), Grape Ape, or Orange Kush?

    [Top photo via; photo at left of Clay Butler by Bill Lovejoy for the Santa Cruz Sentinel via]