A Monday Ritual

by guestofaguest · October 15, 2007


    It's Monday, and that means that when we are feeling especially desperate to find a way to procrastinate, we head over to PostSecret.  The PostSecret website is the largest advertisement-free Blog on the web.  For us, it's just a chance to read the "secrets" of real life individuals.  It's updated every Sunday night and plays on all your emotions.  Usually we get a couple chuckles in, a couple "geez that sucks", and then leave the site feeling a little bit better about our own lives.  The "secrets" can be as silly as the one above or as tragic as the one below:


    Although suicide notes come in often, and are definitely no joking matter, the site has done a good job of forming a community of supporters that has been able to help a lot of people overcome their depression, eating disorders, you name it.  They recently published a book titled: A Lifetime of Secrets and are currently on tour throughout the U.S. (For schedule see website).