Email is soo cold, soo cold.

by guestofaguest · October 12, 2007


    Neuroscience has finally confirmed what we have always suspected, but never quite confirmed. Yes, email is a cold medium of communication where things sometimes get misinterpreted.

    "In contrast to a phone call or talking in person, e-mail can be emotionally impoverished when it comes to nonverbal messages that add nuance and valence to our words. "

    But now that we think of it, we aren't so sure about these scientific reports. Our inbox is constantly packed with emotion!!! And there are tons of ways to convey things, like LOL, :) ;-) hahahaha. And for our Latin friends (jajajajaja....jejejeje). I mean what is the big deal anyway? Face-to-face communication is just so 1985. And talking on the phone? Well that is what SMS text messages are for...and AIM.

    Our real issue with email these days is when people fail to grasp the nuances of communication and how to convey certain moods. Like when a person uses 3 exclamation points, when the situation only requires 1.

    For example:

    Hi (Hey)

    Hi! (Hey what's up? how are you!)

    Hi!! (Heyyy, long time no speak! How are you!)

    Hi!!! (Hey! I haven't seen you in like forever and ever!!!)

    I mean come on people! And for you Euros and Latins out there, the language barrier excuse simply won't do, nor will the "well we are a very emotional people" argument. Please use proper internet/email emotional punctuation, stop overdoing the exclamation points!!!!!!!! ja?