ANTM Meets TriBeCa

by AMANDA MELILLO · March 10, 2008


    Once America's Next Top Model finally graced our fair metropolis with Tyra Bank's over-the-top, queen-of-the-universe, oh-no-she-DIDN'T presence, did any New Yorkers actually notice? Well, the landlord that gave the aspiring anorexic clothing hangers models his $6 million a month TriBeCa loft sure as hell did. Page Six reports today that Michael Marvisi, the landlord who lent out his apartment for the show, is accusing these vampy stick figures in stilettos of trashing his 4,200-square-foot digs and estimates the damage to be $500,000. This includes irreparably damaging a $15,000 chandelier and apparently splashing so much water around the bathroom that it appeared a Sea World dolphin show had taken place. Apparently the place was so wrecked that the next incoming tenant couldn't move in and backed out of the lease, so the show offered to pay $125,000 (isn't that only a fraction of the estimated damages?) However, they haven't ponied up the money yet and Tyra's reps aren't talking, so a lawsuit is waiting in the wings.

    The best part? Marvisi says there was lipstick on the walls—and it appeared they had a food fight because there were coffee and ketchup stains on the $15,000 white drapes. Oh, is THAT how models keep from eating? By throwing food at other models to keep it out of arm's reach? Are the lipstick drawings on the wall a form of art therapy to unwind after a rough day? Because if ANTM teaches you anything, it's that modeling is HARD. But ladies, if you've proved one thing, it's this—just because you're photographed by Nigel Barker, who is a half-assed fashion photographer anyway, that doesn't make you classy. Maybe the reason no winner of America's Next Top Model has ever, well, become the next top model is because you're not quite ready for prime time.