"The Emperor's Club"

by AMANDA MELILLO · March 7, 2008

    If you heard the name "The Emperor's Club," what kind of business would you think that was? If you guessed it was a high-end prostitution ring for wealthy international clients, you would be correct. New York papers are reporting today that four have been arrested after an FBI investigation for managing The Emperor's Club, which not only introduced clients to "models" (you know, the girls who have spent their entire young adult life trying to get into Gap ads while dreaming of runways in Paris, and find they can't afford to drink vodka eat lettuce on those few and far-between modeling gigs.) Girls were ranked on a website based on a one-to-seven diamond system, you know, because diamond's are a girl's/high-end prostitute's best friend. What was the going rate for these models-of-the-night? Between $1,000 and $5,500 an hour. The Emperor's Club had money-earning ladies all over the map, in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Miami, and some would travel as far as Vienna to meet important clients. Service was also not limited to the company of beautiful women—The Emperor's Club would also provide "investment services" and contemporary artwork bargains. You know, because millionaires are busy people and need venues for one-stop shopping. But gentlemen, guess what—you may be rich, but it's still illegal no matter what you pay by the hour.