The French May Dis Us But They Still Want To Get Married Here

by AMANDA MELILLO · March 6, 2008

    presNow New Yorkers have validation of location for their news obsession with French President Sarkozy's love triangle, which is the first time in living memory that a French president receives almost as much coverage as Britney Spears, just as many headlines as American Idol, and far more camera time than our own language-butchering President. Cecilia Sarkozy, recent ex-wife of the now Monsieur Carla "Maneater" Bruni, will be getting married in New York to on-and-off boyfriend Richard Attias on March 22nd. (Well, no one on the PR or events organization side will confirm the date but a French magazine, Point de Vue, reported this was the date and that is good enough for us.) Exact venue remains unknown, though the bride will be wearing Versace. I wonder what made the former first lady of France (no matter for how brief a time) choose New York for her nuptials, other than the bargain on the dollar-to-euro exchange. All I can say is: Take that, France. If it's The City of Lights versus The City That Never Sleeps, we still hold our own for high-profile weddings.

    [Remedial Gossip 101: French Edition]