"Even If The Titanic Came In Safely To New York Harbor, It Was Still Doomed. Twelve Years Earlier, Two Brothers Invented The Airplane."

by SARAH MANDATO · October 28, 2009

    Which exec, from a famous NYC ruling family, had the above analogy to make about the future of print media?

    Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.It was New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., presently dealing with layoffs hitting his own company. All of us in the new media circle have long discussed the undeniable decline of the print product, and it looks as if those manning the non-internet ship, to continue the nautical analogy, are finally getting into our boat.

    The newspaper, one component of this sphere, has not only captured history but also is very much a piece of history on its own. The gradual and ultimately complete eventual passing of the torch implicates countless considerations and responsibility. Whether the transition is smooth is something only the future shall reveal, but one thing's for sure: the times, they are a changing. Pun very much intended.

    [Photo via Getty, interview excerpt via DailyIntel].