Harper's Bazaar Editor: "We're 140 Years Young"

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 12, 2011

    Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, is not afraid of the Internet. She has a complex analysis of her mag's sustainability in the digital age.

    "I think it's all about the medium," she said last night at 45th Annual YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Awards at the Waldorf Astoria. "I think it's a mistake when you produce a magazine that translates to the Internet."

    Bailey, who is also a an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, has compartmentalized criteria for how she approaches and assesses the online and print worlds.

    "My favorite websites are the ones that give the spirit of being interactive," she said, "cause for me, that's right for the medium, and the same way I want my magazines to be full of beautiful fashion images by  the best  photographers and stylists in the world, that's something that really lends itself to that medium, because it's still very difficult to get that spirit across and that sensibility across on our website."

    Ultimately, she views her magazine as immune to the encroaching digital trend and cites a steadfast subscription base with deep historical ties.

    "I think we're very fortunate at Bazaar, because we have a very loyal readership," she said. "We were the first fashion magazine in the world. So we're 140 years young."