Naked Cowboy To Finally Afford A Pair Of Pants

by MADDY MADISON · February 26, 2008

    naked cowboy [Photo via NY Mag] Most of us avoid Times Square like the final bill at a 20 person birthday dinner. But occasionally we all have to subject ourselves to the stew of tourists while dodging fanny packs full of Olive Garden doggie bags. The one constant in the tumult is the Naked Cowboy. Yes, there are plenty of mentally deranged, tighty-whitey-clad men wandering our fair city. But this one’s got a guitar so he’s got some artistic integrity. His name is Robert Burck and he’s been adding to New York’s shame mystique for over a decade. But recently, there’s been a wrinkle. Burck is now suing M&M Mars for copyright infringement over their commercial featuring an M&M in a remarkably similar getup frolicking around Times Square. Even more remarkably, Burck had actually registered his schtick as an officially trademarked piece of performance art. The amount up for grabs is about $6 million, which will buy him a Victoria’s Secret set for his naked cowgirl and enough change left over for bus fare back to Jersey.