On Trunk De-Junking

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 18, 2008

    diet maskTo atone for months of neglect, we spent most of our four hour train ride home engrossed(ish) in the fashion magazines that constitute our summer library. In the March (we know, we're behind) issue of Allure we found an article explaining the Junk Food diet. The words were out of order; the Junk Food diet is just diet Junk Food -some of which, we readily admit, makes frequent cameos in our own cupboards (not those 100 calorie packs though--too small and airy). However, while this particular diet may not live up to its promising title, there are plenty that do.

    Below, a partial list:

    The Baby Food Diet: but what about all those calories we burn chewing?

    The Mega-Bite Diet: that's more like it. SF art dealer Horace Fletcher called for each mouthful to be chewed no less than 32 times before spitting out the remains. Good dinner party trick, too.

    The Jesus diet: for Christian Scientist raw foodies with above average masochistic inclinations.

    The Breatharian Diet: for all you oxygen fans. cheap, too.

    The Tapeworm Diet: and you thought Nicole Richie went to Mexico for the Mezcal.

    plus, a few gadgets...

    The Diet Fork: smaller utensils with dull edges --it's been working in Asia for millenia

    The Trim Trolley: Brits with extra bits should hoof it to Tesco, stat. Their grocery carts provide calorie burn and adjustable resistance levels.

    The Anti-Eating Mask: (pictured above) if all else fails, or if your significant other wants to indulge in a little Hannibal role play

    We have to say we prefer The College Diet: sleep until 4, order pizza, wash it down, repeat as necessary.

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