Radar Magazine's RIP Halloween Bash

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · October 31, 2008

    [Shannen Doherty and Maer Roshan. Photo by John Norwood]

    "Last Dance On The Deck Of The SS Radar"

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    Last night saw the last gasp (or last middle finger) of Radar 3.0, as the recently-folded magazine bravely carried on with its previously planned Halloween party-turned media wake.  The mag's latest/last cover model, Shannen Doherty, joined Maer Roshan, Jeb Reed, Neel Shah and the rest of the Radar family as they raged against the dying of the light until the wee hours of the morning.   Old and new media showed up to pay their respects, many in Gawker's suggested costume of "recently laid-off writer/bloggers."

    [It's Official: RADAR Folds, We've Hit Rock Bottom] [RADAR Celebrates Shannen Doherty]

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    Among the media brethren that came by to salute; Ben Widdicombe, Michael Musto, new Gawker chief Gabriel Snyder, Nikola Tamindzic, John Carney, Hunter Walker, InStyle's Mary Kate McGrath, and Rachel Sklar and fellow HuffPosters (as the Gossip Girls).

    Ben Widdicombe

    "Victoria Beckham", "Verena Vander Woodson", "Blair Sklardorf"

    Mary Kate McGrath

    Jeb Reed and