RIP Media Meshing, The Party's Officially Over

by Rachelle Hruska · December 11, 2008

    Media MeshingRichard Blakeley from Gawker is the king of hosting Media Parties in this city.  Tonight, his infamous Media Meshing will be the last one he throws.  This is just icing on the ever crumbling cake that is the Media Buiness these days.  Here's his description of the party:

    "End of all media -- End of 2008 -- End of Media Meshing No it's not a sign of the apocalypse, just an excuse to drink 'til it's fuzzy!

    For media types, 2008 has been a year of major highs and major lows -- so it seems only appropriate for the 9th ever Media Meshing to take us out on top.

    Whether mourning a job loss or down-sizing of the industry -- New York media never goes out quietly! Come out, grab a drink, collude or comiserate: December 11, we all go down together."

    Need another reason? Here are a few: - This is the last one. Period. - Your holiday party will probably be cancelled. - Because sometimes instant messaging just isn't enough. - Meet new people you can poach for easy quotes. - You never know when you're going to be looking for your next job. - Why not drink with some new people for a change?

    You may either bring friends or find friends. If you don't see any of your own friends, ones will be provided for you. Just look for Richard Blakeley and introduce yourself and he'll help find you someone interesting or just attractive to connect with.

    Actual media meshing is described simply as using an independent piece of media, such as a blog or a website, to enhance the experience of another piece. This is just like that, except with people and alcohol.