Steve Jobs' Other Baby

by guestofaguest · January 24, 2008

    steve jobs and daughter lisa

    [Photo from Valleywag]

    Maybe Steve Jobs isn't the hero we all thought he is. God knows he had to step on a lot of toes to get up to that top position he now holds as God of technology. But failing to claim his own daughter? Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve's illegitamite daughter has been getting considerable attention these days, as her own career as a writer is taking off. She has written extensively for Harvard's Crimson, but this February, she has stepped things up a bit, penning an article in Vogue titled "Tuscan Holiday". For those of you that didn't even know Steve Jobs has a daughter here's the scoop:

    Steve didn't even acknowledge Lisa until later on in life. She is now 30 years old, which, him being 53, means he had her at 23...right around the time he was developing Apple. His ill fated "Lisa" computer was supposedly named after her but Steve claims the name is an acronym for "Local Integrated Software Architecture." Lisa claims she had a warm childhood but we may sense some discord, she says:

    "In California, my mother raised me mostly alone. We didn't have many things, but she was warm and we were happy. We moved a lot. We rented . . . my father was rich and renowned." And now he's even more rich and renowned."

    However, we should note that she did spend her teenage years living with her father, so he wasn't as neglectful as he is being made out to be. Now that she's an adult, he probably assumes that she is worthwhile to keep around. In any case, the resemblance is uncanny isn't it?