The Electric Typewriter: 111 Essential Articles And Essays

by Georgia Bobley · February 2, 2012

    After reading former Wired editor Kevin Kelly’s list “The Best Magazine Articles Ever,” London based Dan Toller began scouring the web for other similar lists in order to find good reading material for his long commute to and from work. Toller’s search led him to websites such as Longreads and Longform, both of which feature long articles, essays, and short stories, as well as to various ‘best of’ anthologies. But Toller, who worked at a publishing house at the time, found that his interests were broader than any other collections he came across, and so he began his own blog, The Electric Typewriter, a little over a year ago.

    He explains:

    I'm interested in the whole spectrum of non-fiction, from memoir and humour to essays that deal with deep questions, travel, science, more cultural stuff, whacked out first person madness - as long as the writing is outstanding, I'll read anything. I guess I saw a gap there, which led to the blog.

    In creating The Electric Typewriter, Toller sought to create a platform on which he would feature the best pieces of long form journalism and essays—both online and in print. Toller adds new pieces to the site every day, and often more than just one piece daily. Right now the site features links to over 400 pieces of long-form non-fiction, and as a way to feature the most memorable pieces, Toller decided to put together a list of 100 Outstanding Articles and Essays (though the list in its current form is 111 items long). The site and the list are always evolving, but Toller’s goal remains steady:

    Getting in touch with more people, who can lead me to more reading material, is a big motivation for running the site - and I hope the list to generate will generate some discussion, because that always leads to more great stuff to read.

    Check out the list with links to each piece HERE!

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