We Live in a Labyrinth

by guestofaguest · October 17, 2007


    Manhattan is labyrinth-y. Which is why when we read about the new surface navigation markers they are trying out on the sidewalks around Grand Central Station in the NY Times we were left thinking: "Why wasn't this thought of sooner?" I mean even if you have lived here your whole life, it's easy to get confused when walking out of a subway station especially one you are unfamiliar with. In fact, we think that there should be compasses embedded on top of every manhole in this town, then we'd NEVER have to tell another tourist which way third avenue was, and we would never have to look like an idiot when we act like we think we know where we're going around said visitors. Though some are playing the "too-cool for school" card:

    “Personally, I wouldn’t use it because I’m from New York and I know where I’m going,” said Anna Medina, a paralegal. “When you’re from New York, everyone knows where you’re going."

    We know better. Even Anna has had an "off" day...you can bet she has walked out of a subway station in Nolita and been in a brief stupor before getting her bearings. We will be the first to admit that it happens once or twice a month to us and it is a little bit embarrassing (for ourselves to admit to, no one else usually is aware of what's going on...so we think). So, we will welcome the coming of these "signs" in this labyrinth of ours, and encourage you guys to do the same. Go to the Grand Central Partnership (where they are being tested at now) and complete their survey so they know to bring them to the rest of the city...