Melania Trump Really Thinks She's Jackie Kennedy

by Christie Grimm · February 14, 2017

    What started with a powder blue inauguration ensemble has now expanded to a black and white Palm Beach getup.

    While a historical, sartorial nod here and there is pretty commonplace, for a woman who literally copy-catted lines from the former First Lady's speech, you'd think her people would be a tad more careful about stressing her individuality - her ability to function as a non referential person even!

    But alas, it appears not. With those flow-y white, straight legged pants, and black button down, Mrs. Trump seems to scream "Camelot...?" Basically the exact same outfit at the exact same airport back in 1973.

    Isn't it creepy enough that every other day Kate Middleton's recreating Diana's looks? Now we'll have this too?

    [Photo via, Getty]