Is Donald Trump Poisoning His Guests At Mar-a-Lago?

by Stephanie Maida · April 13, 2017

    Sure, a now-inflated annual membership to "President" Donald Trump's Palm Beach social hive will garner you exclusive information about our country's various national security issues, and perhaps even a meal with a foreign leader or two, but it may also give you food poisoning. Sad!

    According to a report garnered by the Miami Herald, Florida restaurant inspectors hit the Mar-a-Lago restaurant with a whopping 13 violations, including, on the more disgusting end, undercooled raw meat, improperly treated fish, and coolers that weren't in working order. This year's violations are a record for the members-only club eatery, which had just two in 2015 but 11 last year. 

    Eat at your own risk, fancy folks!

    [Photo via Getty]