Surprise, Surprise: Spring Break In Florida Is A Total Nightmare

by Stephanie Maida · March 15, 2021

    What do you get when you mix a bunch of Zoom-schooled college kids, booze, beaches, and zero COVID restrictions?

    A spring break shitshow, also known as "Florida."

    As crowds descend on the state, which has listed over 30,000 new cases of coronavirus in the past seven days, maskless mayhem has ensued. Who could have predicted such a thing since the state government waived travel and quarantine requirements, mask mandates, and virtually all restrictions on dining and nightlife? 

    This weekend alone, over 150 people were arrested in Miami Beach, with cops pepper-balling revelers and dealing with large, disorderly crowds. Two officers were sent to the hospital amidst a massive confrontation which included bottle-throwing and body-slams, while attempts to control the capacity on the beach seem to be ineffective. 

    Health officials fear super-spreading, and since mask rules cannot be legally enforced, ambassadors from the city are offering free masks to people in hopes that they'll wear them. 

    "We're seeing too much spring break activity," Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told CNN. "We've got a problem with too many people coming here, we've got a problem with too many people coming here to let loose."

    Contradicting the views seemingly held by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who has urged people to visit Florida, Gelber added in his Monday address to the city, "In my judgement, whatever the financial gain might be is not worth the disorder it creates. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze."