Coachella 2013 Update: Goldenvoice's Latest Tease

by Emily Green · January 23, 2013

    As we make our way through the final stretch of January, we're left questioning what is taking so long as anticipation of the bill, traditionally released mid-month, for this year's still lineup-less Coachella 2013 intensifies with each passing day. But there's plenty of noise to fill the void, as a steady flow of worthless non-information courtesy of message board wackos who have the time and Photoshop know-how to fabricate fake LA Times articles, as well as those masters of withholding at Goldenvoice. Following that mystifying photo of a lone rock in the Empire Polo Field, yesterday Coachella both tickled and infuriated with another uninformative tease in the form of video titled "Bloom," a trippy time-lapse clip of the festival sprouting up from polo grounds, posted to its official Facebook page. More>>