#TunesTuesday: The Best YouTube Covers Of Your Favorite Songs

We know how much you love your music—Taylor, Beyoncé, Drake. And since we love you like XO, we sorted through dozens of YouTube vids for the best covers of your favorite songs. Covers that aren't too sweet, that aren't too sour. Here are five we adore. And on a side note, we get why Scooter Braun loves his job. It's thrilling to discover talent! Someone gifted with that "it" factor that makes the gut stutter, Who. Is. That? Every pop star—like Scooter's Bieber—was once just a young'n belting out someone else's tune with starry eyes under living-room lights. Making homemade videos. Hoping to be discovered by someone like you. (Mm, Adele. How did we live without her?) So check out some favorites including our YouTube find, 20-year-old Hannah Emerson. We asked her to shoot an exclusive video of herself singing Taylor's "Style" and Bey's "XO"—just for you.

[Photos via @britneyspears, @champagnepapi, Facebook]