Sourcing Chic Contemporary Art For Your Home Has Never Been Easier Thanks To ArtStar

by Christie Grimm · July 8, 2021

    Whether you're looking to carefully grow your burgeoning art collection, or just desperate to finally hang something up in your apartment, ArtStar is the ultimate chic, easy resource for acquiring truly special artworks that'll transform your space.

    The online art gallery curates an ever-growing portfolio of contemporary works at incredibly affordable price points. I mean, how amazing is this Takeout Florals piece? Or this fashionista must-have, Accessory Story?!

    Decorating your space in a way that speaks to your personal style doesn't have to be so difficult! Curious what tips and tricks CEO and Founder Chrissy Crawford Corredor has to share on the matter? 

    How did the idea for ArtStar come about?
    I started ArtStar to create another revenue stream for artists. I met so many amazing artists who had a really hard time making a living by making art. I wanted to come up with a new way for artists to build a collector base and support themselves through their creative practice alone.  

    The traditional gallery model can be extremely hard to break into and I knew there had to be a better way to connect artists directly with collectors. At ArtStar, we handle all of the printing, framing, and fulfillment so artists can focus on creating new work. 

    Where do you find all of the amazing artists you feature?
    Our team is made up of seasoned art world experts that are always on the lookout for new artists. One of the best parts about ArtStar is that we only work with artists that everyone on our team loves! If we wouldn’t hang it in our own homes, we know it isn’t the right fit. In addition to scouring the internet and Instagram, we attend art fairs (established and emerging), gallery shows, and open studios. Our platform is invitation only and we pride ourselves on our tight curation. We have a very specific vibe that clients know and love us for. It’s fun, colorful, and quirky. All of our artwork is exclusive and limited edition.  If you find something you love on ArtStar, you won't find it anywhere else!

    What's the first piece of art you ever bought for yourself?
    A Keith Haring poster when I was 12. That was it for me! I was a collector and wanted more. Posters are the gateway drug to collecting. 

    When it comes to hanging art in a space, are you "less is more" or "more is never enough?"
    I support both theories. I think gallery walls are a great way to mix your collection with vintage or personal pieces. Gallery walls are also great for awkward or large spaces. One large statement piece can make a huge impact and transform the room. 

    What's your philosophy when it comes to selecting the right frame?
    Personally, I think framing is very important to the overall presentation of the art, but it can be tricky for new collectors. Choosing high-quality frames and mats can really elevate your artwork. Our team has worked super hard to find the best quality framing materials out there to simplify the process for our collectors. We love a simple, deep, white frame, it goes with every artwork and every interior. We also pay close attention to aesthetic and design trends when selecting new framing options for the site, like our new premium maple which fits in perfectly with the “California Modern” trend we’re seeing everywhere. 

    Any art trends or aesthetics you're particularly loving lately?
    I love color, rainbows and whimsy. Anything that brings joy is welcome in my home. 

    Any you wish would go away?
    Brown, tan, and maroon - blah!  I love white, clean, and high contrast with pops of color. 

    What's your advice for someone who's intimidated at starting the process of buying art for their space?
    Start slow. Collect photography and prints. 

    Do not spend your entire budget on one piece. Your taste will evolve as you are exposed to more art. Invest in quality framing to protect your pieces over time. 

    Also, buy what you like... trust your taste!

    What's one piece you absolutely love but don't have the right spot for?
    Disco Girl 4 by Karol Malecki. OBSESSED! I am waiting for the right spot!

    What are you most excited for next?
    We are doing a big photo shoot around New York. ArtStar is a New York-based company and we want to show off the city we love.

    [Photos courtesy ArtStar]