Fashion Meets Flowers At Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Spring Gala

by Daniel Reynolds · June 11, 2012

    This Tuesday, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens will throw its annual Spring Gala -- and it has a lot to celebrate. Last month, the organization opened their new 20,000 sq. ft. Visitor Center, which has been lauded by critics for its innovative design and garden roof blossoming with over 40,000 varieties of flowers and plants.

    And while there will be much fabulous flora to admire in the Center and the Cranford Rose Garden, where the party is set to take place, be sure not to miss these botanical sculptures crafted by environmental artist Nicole Dextras: wearable gowns constructed entirely from plant material.

    Organic eleganza! We've seen similar perishable arrangements at this year's New York Flower Show, but the details of these sculptures, added to the fact that one can actually wear them, make them all the more impressive.

    So, while tip-toeing through the tulips at this year's Gala, be sure not to miss these artistic creations.

    Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Spring Gala: Tuesday, June 12. For more information, go HERE.

    [Organic gowns by Nicole Dextras]