Ja Rule Is Selling An NFT Of The Infamous Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich For $80,000

by Stephanie Maida · April 7, 2021

    "Meme. Cultural touchstone. Cheese sandwich."

    So reads the auction listing of the now-infamous viral tweet shared from the debacle of the decade. Who can forget the wave of worldwide schadenfreude stemming from the disastrous Fyre Festival of 2017, which left crowds of rich kids scrambling for food and shelter on an island in the Bahamas, while reportedly battling it out with feral dogs

    The utter failure of the event was arguably immortalized in the single image of a sad, limp cheese sandwich, posted on Twitter by one attendee, Trevor DeHaas, bemoaning the discrepancy between the luxury dinner he was promised and the disaster relief snack get got instead.

    Well, nearly four years later, the cheese sandwich is making headlines yet again.

    Ja Rule, the guy we always forget was involved in the mess alongside Billy McFarland (who's currently serving a six-year prison sentence), has partnered up with the tweet author and photographer to sell the post as an NFT, that is "Non Fungible Token." (Surprisingly, nothing to do with mushrooms.)

    While we still don't really get the whole crypto art thing, NFTs are currently all the rage. They're sort of like minted memes or something? Something to do with blockchain technology? Whatever. All you need to know is that they're fetching tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the internet. 

    As it happens, Ja Rule is a partner and "Head of Artists and Repertoire" at Flipkick, his own physical NFT platform which deals in the newfangled, non fungible art. 

    The listing for the tweet, image, and copyright says its estimated worth is $80,000. If sold, the proceeds of the sale would go to a good cause: DeHaas, the original author, has Stage 5 kidney failure and the money would help support his medical bills and a kidney transplant. As of yet, he hasn't made a single dollar on the photo.