Looking To Get Back Into The Social Swing Of Things? Join Victory Club!

by Christie Grimm · June 9, 2021

    Following a 15 month hiatus, New York's coolest collective for art lovers, society staples and fashionable foodies is officially back!

    Not familiar with Victory Club? Since its creation back in 2014, the exclusive group has gathered monthly for truly one-of-a-kind experiences bent on blending the visual arts with the culinary arts and the wonderful chance to make friends along the way.

    Members have been hosted by founder Stephanie Nass everywhere from museums and galleries to collectors' homes and artists' studios. 

    To further fête the fabulous works on display, the evening's menus are carefully and playfully created to reflect the art. 

    Très chic, non?

    While events have ranged in size from incredibly intimate to big and fun, with anywhere from 8 to 70 people attending, there's one rule that always reigns supreme. Everyone brings a friend, so there's always someone new to meet!

    Ready to get back out on the social circuit? Get in the mix and apply to be a member today!

    [Photos courtesy Victory Club]