Strand Bookstore Is Being Painted Right This Second

by Georgia Bobley · March 28, 2012

    The 12th Street side wall of NYC's iconic Strand Bookstore are being painted today by the graffiti and street artist TooflyMediaBistro reports.

    Toofly will be painting the wall, which is currently blank, from 10:30am-4pm in order to promote the launch of CIA agent-turned-photographer Hank O'Neal's book, XCIA's Street Art Project: The First Four Decades.

    The book is scheduled to release in print tomorrow, and an app version will follow in April.

    You can rush over to Strand to see Toofly finish off the paint-job, but if you don't make it before she packs up don't worry, the street art will be up on the store's 12th street side for a while.

    [Strand Bookstore, photo via]

    [Toofly, photo via]