The Met Museum Is Now Charging HOW Much For Admission?!

by Christie Grimm · January 4, 2018

    First they get rid of their daily, oh-so-collectable M buttons in favor of trash-able printed receipts, and now - NOW they'll actually CHARGE for admission?!

    Oh hellz no.

    While tourists have always fallen prey to The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "suggested" price of admission trap, mistaking it as a mandatory fee - the Met has just announced that come March 1st, it will officially be a required cost. 

    $25 for adults, $17 for seniors, and $12 for students - with children under 12 still getting in for free.

    All you New Yorkers now up in a huff and puff, don't sweat it. The current pay-as-you-wish / in-reality-pay-as-you-don't-wish policy will continue for all NY state residents, as well as for students from Connecticut and New Jersey.

    All we're saying is there are enough rich people in New York who pay silly sums of money each year to get their names on wings, and carved into stone walls in that place. And there are enough people who pay that price to enter anyway. Just seems a shame that one of the world's greatest collections of art has now become commodified.

    [Photo via @ashley_auhll]