You've Never Seen A Shakespeare Play Like This Before

by Stephanie Maida · September 27, 2019

    The best thing about modern theater is that it doesn't have to, and really shouldn't, be what you expect it to be. Monument (or, King Lear), the New York debut performance of international theater collective, Source Material, is certainly not the Shakespeare you're used to.

    Physical, intense, and a visual wonderland of minimalist raw materials, the experimental production of the famous text takes surprising artistic liberties, turning it into a rebellious, socially-driven, and ultimately feminist work. For one, the titular character is nowhere to be found, a device used by director and Source Material founder, Samantha Shay, to shift focus to the story's disenfranchised characters - mainly, the women (although the toxic patriarchy, in Shay's view, affects all genders). 

    Notable lines from the play mix with original text, stunning movement, and music, which plays a big role in the experience. Off-Broadway buffs, or anyone with an hour to immerse themselves in something new, should not miss this.

    Catch the performance from October 4th - 6th at HERE ARTS.