NYC's Hottest Art Installation Is Lighting Up Times Square Each Evening At Midnight

by Alexander Hankin · November 22, 2022

    Zoë Buckman is quite possibly one of the most wonderful and talented people around. 

    Perhaps you know her from iconic piece Champ, the neon outline of a vagina with boxing gloves for ovaries? This feminist iconic and activist pours her heart and soul into everything she does, creating works that speak to the beautifully complicated relationship between female trauma, strength and empowerment.

    The artist's new work, MENDED, is nothing short of spectacular and deeply personal.

    An adaptation of a piece originally created for Loss Tapes,  put on with the support of Pippy Houldsworh Gallery, MENDED lights up the whole of Times Square each evening from 11:57pm to 12am, a digital display kaleidoscopically playing out across 90 billboards, and featuring a soundtrack by Dave Guy and Homer Steinweiss.

    "I find the traditional art world a complicated space to exist in for so many reasons," shared Zoë. "The ability to put work in public spaces that transcend an industry rife with exclusivity has always been important to me. The screens at Times Square are of course epic in their scale and unique in their audience: so making an ephemeral work about resilience, about thriving and surviving a gendered trauma, particularly in today’s climate, was a life highlight of mine realized.Working with Jean Cooney was nothing but joyful and easy: she got me, she got the work, and the she made it sing.”

    So what do you say, meet you in Times Square at midnight?