Our obsession with the elusive and illustrious "French Girl" has been going strong since the days of Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. We want to eat like them, dress like them, and even socialize like them. Most of all, however, we want to look like them. Thanks to iconic French designer Isabel Marant and L’Oréal Paris, we can - without breaking the bank.

Launched last month, the appropriately titled "Most Wanted" capsule collection, available exclusively at Barney's, offers everything you need to capture the effortless glamour of a Parisian It Girl - from bold red lipsticks to an understated lip/cheek gloss. And everything, right down to the packaging, is très chic. But the high-end style doesn't come with a high-end price tag. The perfect red lip? Just $12. A smokey eyeshadow duo (featuring a dazzling emerald color)? $14. The most expensive item - a glowy highlighter - comes in at $16. No wonder so many influencers couldn't wait to celebrate it last week at New York hot spot, Le Turtle.

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