There's no need to hide it, even the chicest New Yorker wants to be French. Or at least obtain a touch of that effortless cool that makes Parisians seem to breeze through the streets with all the joie de vivre most city-dwellers are too stressed to find. Well, luckily for all you hipster Francophiles, there's a Brooklyn-based French class that immerses you in the culture right here in our own backyard. Get ready to whip out your Breton stripes.

Founded by French Girl cousins and current expats, Marianne Perret and Léa Perret-Rovine, Coucou offers a unique learning experience that thrives on not just language, but on the local community and contemporary French culture in New York. While they just opened their doors in Soho, and are even expanding out to L.A., Marianne and Léa were originally drawn to their flagship Williamsburg location because of the neighborhood's laid-back, très Euro vibes. Needless to say, they're savvy when it comes to local go-tos, so we asked them to give us a tour of Brooklyn hot spots with the most je ne sais quoi. Hopefully it'll rub off.

Learn more about Coucou HERE!

[Photos via Coucou, via @melliekr]