Sometimes, it takes a tourist to show you around your own turf. Such was the case a few weeks ago when my friends from North Carolina visited New York City on a research trip for their in-the-works bakery-meets-restaurant. They headed to my neck of Brooklyn for a bakery crawl and asked if I wanted to join.

Of course.

Consider the bakery crawl the morning-person answer to the bar crawl. While the ambitious agenda and walk-everywhere approach are the same, there are a few defining features of a bakery crawl: Sharing is caring. Order a few pastries and pass ’em around. This way, you get to try more, while pacing your stomach. Eat on-the-go. There are no open-container laws against croissants, thank goodness, so take advantage. This isn’t the cutest way to eat, but it does stave off Butter Fatigue (crucial).

Here are the places we swung by, plus a few other neighborhood favorites. If you go to all five (go you!), follow the order listed below and the whole route is just over 2 miles.

Words by Emma Laperruque at Food52

[Photo via @hey.atan]