An ATL Tale

by CLAIRE WILLETT · April 24, 2008

    51rnaaqzdkl_aa240_.jpgOh dear. Cecily, we love you, we really do, but regard what ye have spawned, woman! The A-List, the It Girl, The Clique, and now this. We know you didn't write HOTLANTA --that honor goes to Essence writer and contributing editor and The Angry Black Woman's Guide to Life coauthors Mitzi Miller and Derene Millner. Still, we can't help but hold you somewhat responsible for this "juicy Gossip-y Girl book with a murderous twist." C'est vrai, Cec, this one has a murder too! Here's the press release:

    'The beautiful and wealthy Duke twins, Sydney and Lauren—who, despite their identical appearance, couldn’t be more different. While Sydney does her part to save the world and conquer the Ivy League, Lauren dreams of being the next Beyoncè. HOTLANTA is filled with all of the drama of teen life, set against Atlanta’s most fashion-forward and privileged residents.'

    Let us not forget to mention that HOTLANTA keeps it real with a crime lord stepdad, compromising music video auditions, and plenty of young "thug passion." We'd like to see a Yo Mama between CVZ and Miller/Millner. Bring it, ladies.


    [Image via giantmag]