Bryan Rafanelli is no stranger to a great party. For twenty three years the events designer has thrown everything from stunning destination weddings and chic masquerade balls to thoughtful galas and unforgettable birthday soirées. Forever playful in his decorative details - who wouldn't want a confetti chandelier!? - Rafanelli is the industry go-to for everyone from Michelle Obama to Chelsea Clinton.

His first book, aptly and simply titled A Great Party, is a window into the world of designing such grand affairs. Looking back at his fabulous fêtes over the years - and oh, there have been many - the book also details the rules Rafanelli and his team live by. Reminders to always think big, embrace the beauty of bounty, and to always tell a story. All creative tips to help you plan your most magnificent event, regardless of budget or scale. 

Click through for a look at six of his gorgeous party scenes that will have you beyond inspired!

[Photos courtesy Rizzoli]