Different Words (And Tastes) For Everything

by CLAIRE WILLETT · May 5, 2008

    La Maison Française

    [Image via medias-soustitres]

    One of the many areas in which the French's taste is rather different from our own is that of television talk shows. Here, we like ours either pop or slop-culture-centric, with extra froth. The French, on the other hand, take their culture neat: literature, cinema, maybe a bit of jazz. One of the most popular talk shows is Un Livre par Jour, (A book a Day) and its host, the debonair (but of course) Olivier Barrot, will be holding a discussion and interview with the novelist Michel Schneider (who wrote a very creepy book about the myth of Marilyn Monroe called Marilyn, dernières séance) today at NYU's Maison Française. The topic is "French Literature in the Making," which, based on the crazy stuff we read in our Contemporary French Literature class, should be pretty interesting. Plus, La Maison Française is one of our favorite buildings in one of our favorite enclaves (the Washington Mews) in all of Manhattan. If you're in need of a dinner party topic or just yearning for tourist-free cobblestones and wee painted houses, hightail vos derrières on over; the talk starts at 7.

    La Maison Française 16 Washington Mews (off University Pl) admission is free