Time to face the facts. It's a bohemian, oat-milk drinking, yoga practicing, microdosing, mindfulness-preaching world, and we're just living in it. The modern day, cool kid answer to The Official Preppy Handbook of yore, Julia Chaplin's The Boho Manifesto is a hilarious, educational, too true deep dive into the carefully calculated, laid-back culture of today. 

A born and bred bohemian herself, Chaplin touches on every hot topic du jour, from meditation retreats and free love to nomadic entrepreneurs and EDM. And whether you've been to Burning Man or not, you're bound to find either yourself or someone you know brilliantly picked apart within the pages of this "insider's guide to postconventional living" (lol).

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[Photo courtesy Ana Lui] [Illustrations by Spiros Halaris from The Boho Manifesto by Julia Chaplin (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2019.]