"Pillage" By Brantley Martin, An Exciting Read On NYC Nightlife With "More Sex And Drugs Than Woodstock."

by Rachelle Hruska · June 4, 2009

    My friend, and NYC nightlife fixture, Matt Oliver had the book of the moment, Pillage, hand delivered to me yesterday.  After spending an epic NYC night over looking the lights of the lower east side on the roof of the Hotel on Rivington, I came home to it. And what a bedfellow it became.  Steve Lewis beat me to the interview with author Brantly Martin, the Houston native who quickly became a fixture of the NYC Nightlife scene back in 2000 (he had his start at Lotus). The book "describes some days and some nights in the life of the model/promoter/owner club set in decidedly non-PG rated terms; there’s more sex and drugs than Woodstock." (Steve Lewis)

    The characters were given alias names, though Steve takes the liberty of unveiling their identities for us:

    The Reverend - Scott Harrison, Brantly’s ex-partner and Water to Africa crusader. Eroneous -: Eric Hauser, who used to be known as Fat Eric (until he wasn’t anymore). Shout out to Colleen for making a man out of him. Lark Taker - Mark Baker; how did he find time to actually work? The Fireman - Adam Hock, because the Griffin honcho pisses on everyone.

    I have set every other book aside and have become entralled with Brantly's world. How could one not?

    I also dove into the interview that Steve Lewis just put up on the author-it was a most fitting post for his column. Steve, Brantly; and for that matter Micheal, Peter, Noah, Jamie, Scott, Eric, Mark Adam, etc. etc. etc.-thank you for keeping us all entertained. My favorite quotes are below, the full version is HERE.

    "The phrase “model behavior” needs to be rethought." -SL

    "The truth is the actions, traits, and motivations that are highlighted and parodied as the most despicable in the characters are all part of my opera of failures and mistakes as a man—misplaced ambition, hypocrisy, disloyalty."-BM

    "Maybe the recession will bring out some fresh voices addressing things other than martinis, high heels, and pseudo-spirituality." -BM

    "...it doesn’t matter how many mass emails, Facebooks, texts, or whatever other technology pops up ... when times get tough, people want a real experience." -BM

    Tonight, Pillage is hosting a book signing, at the power house in brooklyn. Starts at 7pm.