Warren Buffett Teaches Us Why Life Is Like A Snowball

by Rachelle Hruska · September 29, 2008

    Warren Buffett's Biography "Snowball" was released today and it seems perfect that I will be purchasing it at the Barnes & Nobles store in Omaha, NE.  After (very) coincidentally running into fellow New Yorker, Heist Gallery owner, and Omaha native Talia Eisenberg this weekend (we happened to be eating in the same sushi restaurant in Omaha's Old Market without even realizing the other one was there!), I find she is just as excited about Mr. Buffett's tell-all.  She and her father (a Berkshire investor) "raced" to the bookstore today to buy a copy of Alice Schroeder's book.

    Alice was on the Today show earlier this morning and I like how she noted that Warren took a HUGE bet on her and had no changes for her when he read the final draft.  In fact, he told her that if she had more than one account of an event on his life to pick the LESS flattering version to highlight.


    Above, she talks about writing the book including where the title comes from:

    "Life is like a snowball, all you need is wet snow and a really long hill."

    Also on the Today show, I like how Alice recognized Warren as a COLLECTOR more than anything else.  Like his stamps as a boy, he has spent his life focused on the collection of money, with no intent to spend any of it.  I know what I'll be reading en route home tomorrow.