Artichoke Pizza Is Coming To Bay Ridge

by Stephanie Maida · September 30, 2016

    The hipster takeover is imminent. Bay Ridge, the last neighborhood in Brooklyn to be untouched by the YUCCIE hands of urban settlers is getting its own landmark of drunk post-grads who do nothing but raise the rent: Artichoke Pizza.

    Sure, we all love the heavy slices of morning regret after a late night out in the city, but there's no Avenue in Bay Ridge, there's no 1OAK. There are no NYU kids crawling along MacDougal Street after overpaying for their first bad comedy show. Why here? Why now? 

    According to the Brooklyn Reporter, we can expect the new space, on 91st and and 4th, to open "soon." We mean, the sign is already up and everything. Time to stock up on stretch pants or time to move? We'll leave that decision up to you.

    [Photo via @nataliejang_]