Brooklyn Gets Freaky

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 8, 2008

    brooklyn_freakfest.pngNote from GofG: Welcome Brooklyn Rah Rah....This cheerleader got kicked off the Manhattan squad long ago. Good thing there's a land of misfits just over the bridge....

    If you’re schedule is wide open for Saturday post bowling, or brunch, or whatever you do, get your buzz on and go to Southpaw for Freaks Ball VIII. Don’t worry, the only thing that’s “freaky” about it is the fact that there’ll be some really original sounds belting forth from one of the best stages in NYC. This is like a musical orgy just in time for Valentines Day. We’ve got Joe Russo and Marco Benevento of the famed Benevento/Russo Duo teamed up with Dave Dreiwitz of Ween and American Babies.

    Warning: this crowd could be a little crunchy. There’s something about a song that bends past the five minute mark that hypnotizes men long enough to lose all track of their facial hair. There are some women that find this Neandrathal-like, but, as long as it’s trimmed and smells clean, I’ll call it sexy. Foam from cheap beer or stray bits of trash, hemp, veggie sandwich immediately withdrawl shaggy dudes from the aforementioned “pheromonal” category. But still, for us Brooklyn chicks, a little stubble goes further than a gold card—at least on the first date. Anyway, hot or not, the tunes will be good, and you can take pretty much any train you want, because it’s near Atlantic Avenue. So go. Afterwards, once your mind has exploded, you can go play some bocce ball up the block at Union Hall and you won’t even care who wins.