Cross The River, Join The Movement

by LAUREN BELSKI · July 21, 2008

     For those who read this blog that are not of the Hampton’s variety, or, are of the Hampton’s variety and believe in voting for change, and are willing to give up a beach day, save you 2K, and just fork over 2-tens ($20 that is) in honor of Barack Obama. The “Ba-ROCK Brooklyn Festival” will feature 18 bands including Backwords, Apollo Heights, and Broken Trees... and that’s before the 5 independent films, free love, and politically charged youth.

    Listen, people, it is more fun than talking about one another’s outfits! And, your kids will think you’re cooler for supporting Obama when you discuss your wayward youth in the decades to come. The party gets a-rolling at 6, and will be raging until the wee hours of the morn. It all takes place on Franklin Street at East Coast Aliens, TBD, and Van Gogh’s Radio Lounge.