Data Says Minnesota Is More Hipster Than Williamsburg. Is It Or Does MN Just Really Like Happy Hour?

by Mara Siegler · May 11, 2011

    It is not a good day to be a young, trendy Brooklynite. Free subway rag Metro ran the headline "Hipsters to Blame for Census Losses?" this morning, blaming kids who dig AnCo for potentially losing the city billions by not filling out how many members are in their household.  And now this black rimmed glasses shattering piece of statistical data has hit the Internet: Minnesota has more hipsters than NY!

    "Although Minnesota has less than 1/3rd the population of New York state, it leads the nation in searches for the term “hipster," reports BuzzFeed, who also made this handy infographic.

    Top search terms include "hipster look," "hipster girl," "hipster music," and "hipster hair." But does this make them more hipster than Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick, or even hipster at all? Sure, they rock the beard and flannel as well as any other lumberjacks and it's home to The Replacements, but the logic of searches is flawed.

    The number 2 search "hipster hitler," seems mind boggling to those not into the site of the same name which re-imagines the Fuhrer as a pouty, ironic tee wearing kind of a guy.


    "Hipster Kitty" is the well-known meme:

    And finally, Thrifty Hipster," another top search term, is a site that lists happy hours.  Perhaps Minnesotans are just alcoholics into comic books and hilarious web junk? Instead of using search terms, perhaps a better gauge would be by PBR sales? But whatevs man, because caring is so, it's just like, lame, or whatever, unless done with drugs and the appropriately obscure background music that sounds like fuzz mixed with pain, you know?

    If you are thinking of leaving NYC (Why??? Don't go!!!) and have ruled out Portland, Minnesota may still be a good bet. The Atlantic has a list of "Most" accolades lauded on the city which include its being the second most literate city in America, the fourth most bike friendly state, the sixth most "happy," and the number one when it comes to being gay-friendly.

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