It's Good To See How The Other Half Lives...And Then Switch Back

by MIKEL MCCOY · May 9, 2008

     realitySo for the past two or so weeks reality has crashed my semi–glamorous life as a GOFG writer and party note taker with all the things reality is so so good at making really real. Stuff like rent, cellphone bills, utility payments, and bar tabs had caught up to me at a single point of debt and forced me to get a 9-5, or in my specific case more like an 8AM-10PM as a law exam proctor.

    Admittedly its not like digging trenches for latrines or excavating the side of a mountain, but the psychic and mental drain of administering exams and sitting in a room or 2 for 11-13 hours a day with people who've spent at least the whole semester if not their entire lives preparing to ace a 2-4 hour exercise in organized torture AKA a law school exam is intense.

    I mean sure I can sit in the back and read; actually I did finish two novels over my tenure as a proctor. The anxiety is palatable, and one cannot help but vibe off of it in strange strange ways, and since the last exam I took was in the early part of this century, not that long ago the fear of not have a number two pencil or not finishing up on time is fresh. Coupled with the fact that it's me that has to make sure no one is committing academic dishonesty, or call him or her out if they do.


    I'll say this though I do have a newfound respect for my friends that are lawyers, and esquires in general. So after today I'm going back to my less structured less intense life of party note taking and Internet freedom. It's good to be able to see how the other half lives…and then switch back