Model Abbey Lee Kershaw's Band, Our Mountain, Performs At Glasslands Gallery

by Chelsea Burcz · January 17, 2012

    Last night Abbey Lee Kershaw joined her bandmates on stage to perform for a small crowd at the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn. Her rock band, Our Mountain, delivered an electrifying performance, with Kershaw on back up vocals, occasional keys, and banging a large metal chain against a garbage lid. The band's lead singer and guitarist, (as well as Kershaw's boyfriend) Matthew Hutchinson, pumped up the crowd with his powerful vocals as his insane, glazed over eyes darted at the crowd. The Australian model (and face of major brands Versace and Gucci) swayed seductively in her crop top in the background, rarely lifting her head.

    The fashionable band made a series of shorts for Pierre Balmain in September, in which they prance around Brooklyn in the designer's collection, while their song "Devil's Banquet" plays.

    Another highlight of the night was New York based band, Vensaire's, performance. The band, made up of Alex LaLiberte, Hunter Hawes, Robert Earl Thomas and Alex Jacobs, sounded tighter than ever. Keep an eye out for these boys in the upcoming months. Other bands that played included ERAAS and Phantom Family Halo.

    [Robert Earl Thomas, Hunter Hawes, Alex LaLiberte of Vensaire]

    [Hunter Hawes, Alex LaLiberte of Vensaire]

    [Alex Jacobs, Hunter Hawes]