Park Slope's Political Correctness Takes Devastating Hit

by BILLY GRAY · April 14, 2010

    Jeremiah came across a Craigslist ad posted from the bowels of Brooklyn stroller country. What is Park Slope about the post: mentions of brownstones, recycling, and a cherry blossom festival. What isn't: outmoded ethnic stereotypes!

    Here's the full ad:

    "We're having a Brooklyn Botanic Cherry Blossom after-party at our Park Slope brownstone apartment on May 1st following the festival. We need a young female actor (Asian or White) who can dress and play the part of a sweet Geisha girl to serve rose wine and drinks for only 2 hours (6-8 p.m.) -- paid cash. A cute, convincing portrayal (smiles, head bows, respectful to the Japanese culture and tradition). You are free to leave after 8, or can stay at the party (but not totally lose character). We have a nice place and this will be a smoke free party with nice people. You must provide your own costume (does not have to be genuine, recycled Halloween is fine) and can apply Geisha makeup. We have a private bathroom you can use to get ready in. Also have free pics to be taken by a professional fashion photographer who will be working the party, portfolio quality. Thanks"

    Now, I'm all for theme parties. And these folks seem generous enough. But I have to wonder what the neighborhood's painfully evolved PC sanctimommies will make of modern day kabuki theater popping up near Prospect Park. What will happen to Park Slope as it breaks from its own stereotype to revel in another? The Best Neighborhood In New York should stick to its enlightened, inoffensive (albeit horribly annoying) self lest it fall behind #5 (!) Greenpoint.

    (Photo via KansasLiberal)