Peak Williamsburg

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 21, 2008

    thispeakoil.jpgLots of people on earth have taken a greater interest in our environment and the conditions of the Earth's health as of late. Documentaries, celebrities and even the U.S. Government are all shouting from the rooftops 'our time is gonna come". Environmentalist are as common today as smokers in the 1960

    One of the scarier theories is the idea of Peak Oil. Peak Oil theory states that eventually the production of oil will reach its peak and there after will be increasingly harder to get out of the ground. That notion coupled with the unstable places on Earth oil is produced or the choice of using natural reserve land as possible new oil spots make all the SUV driving and even summer road trips look a might irresponsible. Here in New York most people or most people we know don't drive or even own cars, but the Idea of a commodity hitting its peak then falling into terminal decline still applies. Hence Peak Williamsburg. The idea that the commodity associated with the hip north Brooklyn neighborhood will eventually reaches its peak and then fall into terminal decline. We've decided to investigate this phenomenon in a weekly series called PEAK WILLIAMSBURG, we've gone out in the streets gotten some pictures, talked to some folks and basically immersed ourselves in the lives and hopes of Williamsburg to get down to the bottom of all this. All the new construction, higher rents, and douche bags filling up local bars is are just examples of gentrification, and one could argue that gentrification is the one big, bright key to cities' and neighborhood's developments, but unlike other coverage of the gentrification phenomena our look is about the science of change as opposed to the yuppie hating judgments. So for now familiarize your self with PEAK OIL and stay tuned for full reports about PEAK WILLIAMSBURG